Day 2 | I choose joy.

We are working through 28 days of self-love stuff. I will be posting some positive affirmations for you to download to use on your phone or to print and hang at home.

Today I decided to focus on joy. I believe that joy is a choice. And quite often, that can be a difficult choice.

It’s going to take some practice to get to a point where joy is your first choice, and even if you have been practicing choosing joy – you may still not. It’s a process and that’s okay.

When you’re in it, sometimes it’s easier to stack up all the unfortunate things that are happening or did happen during a day. Then all of the sudden you’ve accumulated all these negative things, they’re snowballing now and now anything that happens at all is a negative.

It’s really hard to break the cycle, but if you can find one sparkle of hope – one little gift. Hot cup of coffee. Birds singing. The sunshine coming through your curtain a certain way that creates rainbows on the walls.

Joy is deeper than happiness.

Tip 1: Find the gifts around you. No matter how small.

Tip 2: Stop waiting for good things to happen or to be happy. Be still and see what gifts are around you. They’re there.

Tip 3: Help someone else. Turning your focus to other people and serving others can get you out of your brain.


Download the phone creative here:

Download the print out: Day_2_Joy