Day 1 of 28 | I am enough.

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Short Version: For the duration of February, I’ll be sharing self-love affirmations, tips, Valentine’s crafts and positivity.
Long Version: I’ve heard a lot of people (male and female) say that they just loathe Valentine’s Day – and that can leak into loathing the entire month! I’ve been there too. It’s like being in high school and hoping you get a carnation during class and you never do (And none for Gretchen Weiners!).
I expected Valentine’s Day to be this magical event. But even when dating my husband, it wasn’t thaaaat magical.
I have been doing so much self-reflection lately. Which led me to this month’s “activities”. For those that love Valentine’s Day, party on! Nothing wrong with that! For those that loathe it, I hope I can encourage you to think about it a little differently; to love yourself and just enjoy each day regardless of the national holiday it falls on.
Over the weekend it was unearthed that I sometimes go through periods of time where I feel undeserving of good things, almost like I’m purposely punishing myself because I’ve made some poor choices in the past and I need to pay for them. But for how long?? How long must I make myself suffer before I’ve been punished enough?
Except I don’t have to punish myself. I believe that God meets me where I’m at. He knows I’ve messed up, but he thought I was deserving enough to give me a beautiful gift of life and that the poor choices in my past shouldn’t negatively my future. He gives me a clean slate and that’s that. Short story: He’s not punishing me for poor choices, so why should I?
So in closing, I am enough. YOU are enough. That’s not to say we don’t have things we can work on, because we all do. But that doesn’t mean we’re undeserving and worthless.
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