Quarantined Art History Lesson | Edvard Munch

Welcome to our art history lessons! To overview, I am putting together very simple art history lessons that focus on movements or pieces of importance. You can work through these with your kids or do them on your own!

If you do something with them, please share them with me and I’ll post them on here! Our first day was Roy Lichtenstein and pop art (one of my personal favorites).

Our second day will focus on a painting that I’m sure you’ve seen before, The Scream, by Edvard Munch.

It has also influenced a lot of things that you’ve seen before too – and that is one reason we need to learn about art because it is used in pop culture! It’s great to have a reference of how it originated or what it is so that we just know a little more. Plus you’ll sound impressive to your friends!

Art is also about telling a story or expressing our feelings. If you’re feeling happy, you usually can see certain things in the pieces that signify happiness. If you’re feeling sad or angry, you might notice different brushstrokes or different use of colors. It’s a great way to help process your feelings by putting them onto paper somehow, especially if you don’t want to write the words of how you’re feeling.

With that, dig deep into this emotional piece!

Download the lesson here: ArtHistory_EdvardMunch_