Day 2: Letters to your friend (+ bonus downloadable art)

It’s Day 2 of Rays of Sunshine letters!

To recap, I am challenging all of you to send notes to loved ones this week. Some of the people you care about the most in life might be feeling down this week or struggling with something or maybe they don’t even know that you love them as much as you do! Don’t waste any more time – our time on earth is so short and fleeting. While we’re here, let’s try and spread as much joy as we can and let our friends know that we are thinking about them!

You don’t have to write some eloquent speech to them. Just a simple – hey I love you or I’m thinking of you will do the trick. But a hand-written note sent in the mail the OLD FASHIONED way – that can really do the trick!

If you want to see the 5×7 cards – you can go to Day 1 and download those. I even made little crop marks so you can cut them out and fold them in half!

For Day 2, I decided to full 8.5×11 pages. So here are 2 designs to send to your soul sister. And if you’re feeling really ambitious, there’s a downloadable piece of artwork. It’s the poem by e. e. cummings and I just love it because one of my favorite movies is “In Her Shoes”. And she reads it near the end of the movie to her sister and I always cry.

So you can download and print that poem and put it into a frame! All for free!

Letter 1 inspired by my girl Anne Shirley. Download here: BosomFriend_Letter


























Letter 2 inspired by the hope of something brighter at the other side of difficult times. Download here: Diamond_Letter




























And the e. e. cummings artwork here: eecummings_art




























To mail these, just print them out – fold them into thirds and put into a regular No.10 business envelope. Add a fun sticker on the front of the envelope for extra fun!

Thank you for helping spread kindness and sunshine this week, friends!