Day 1: Ray of Sunshine Cards

Often times we don’t tell our friends that we love them enough or what exactly we love about them. It’s time that we tried and changed that just a little.

During the holiday times, our loved ones are struggling with sadness or pain; or just the struggle of every day life. It’s hard to be jolly and one tiny little card could help shed just a little bit of sunshine on these grey days.

So every day this week, I’ll be releasing some free cards for you to download. You can print them on your printer at home and use the crop marks to trim them out. Don’t worry about having the fanciest paper – just DO it. Your friend won’t care that it is on regular paper. Your friend will just see that you thought about them and that’s the whole point!

These cards fit into an A7 envelope – or you can cut out whatever pieces you want and fit it into any type of envelope!

Let’s try and send out as many cards to our friends as we can this week!

Here’s to day one!

Download the PDF of 3 cards below: