Fashion Series | Chanel DIY bandana

This Chanel DIY bandana is so cool. I wore it and styled it with pearls to give it an over-the-top glamorous look.  And then I made the fabulous model dog, Zoey, wear it. Because.. you know.










Step 1: Download the template. Khenri-Chanel-Perfume-Bottle-Label-Template

diy-chanel-bandanaStep 2: Trace the outline with a pencil. This has to be a pencil. Press pretty hard so you have a dark outline. You can do this with tracing paper or if you can see well enough through the regular paper, you can do it on there.







diy-chanel-bandanaStep 3: Flip the piece you just traced over and place it where you want to transfer your image onto.









chanel diy bandanaStep 4: Scribble or reoutline on the back. When you do this you will be transferring the graphite to the garment.

chanel diy bandana










Step 5: Style your bandana. I took some velvet ribbon and hot glued it to the edges of the front panel. And then made a velvet bow and added a tiny pearl to the center. But you can do whatever you love!

Watch the LIVE video where I do this if you want to hear it in real life or see it 🙂

If you end up making your own, please post me a picture so I can see it! Go to my facebook page and post one, pretty please… with Chanel on top 🙂