Kreate with Khenri: Wooden Serving Tray

Holidays are open us and these would make excellent Christmas presents as well as beautiful center pieces for your living space!


1 wooden board (Target: 6.99 – can also find similar products at Hobby Lobby)
Handles (Target: 6pack for 11.97 – can also find at the Hob Lob)
Gold leaf (Michaels: under $10)
Mod Podge (anywhere – under $5)
Paint (my favorite chalk paint color: MINERAL, purchased at Walmart for around $5)
Marble vinyl (Walmart: $4.97)
Jewelry Metal Glue (Hobby Lobby and/or Michaels)

serving-tray-DIY-khenriHow to:
1. Get into party mode.
2. Take a ruler and draw out with a pencil your design. For this one, I did a thin strip of gold. You could do circles or a chevron or do a monogram!
3. Paint your areas. Swipe your brush in multiple directions to get the paint to lay evenly. One coat of this chalk paint would do the trick if you applied it thick enough OR two coats is just perfect.
4. Gold leaf: paint a small section of the mod-podge in between what you’ve drawn out and lay the gold onto it and paint over it with the mod-podge. It will dry clear.
5. Lay down your marble vinyl and cut it to fit.
6. Attaching the handles. This isn’t super necessary, just adds a nice touch. I tried drilling into the wood, but split the board, so I used the jewelry metal glue to attach the handles. That glue is ridiculous and be careful not to use too much. It is STICKY. And it dries pretty quickly!
7. Use an X-acto knife to scoop up any excess glue so it doesn’t show.
8. Add on your drinks and serve to your guests (or to yourself!)

Watch the How to video 


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