Kreate with Khenri: Calming Jars

These calming jars are so fascinating. Pretty easy. Not going to say they’re super mess-free.

They are perfect for adults who need to Zen out or for kids who are throwing tantrums (so you have to an alternative to giving them a screen).

Jar (plastic would probably be best) Michael’s sells “sensory bottles” for 1.50 – these are the ones from the video
Corn syrup
Clear Glue (or glitter glue) – DO NOT buy glue at Michael’s if you like saving money
Water – free
Glitter – $2 a container at Michaels (that is a good price)

How to:
1. Warm up some water and mix in corn syrup and glue. I have no scientific recipe for this. The more of the glue and syrup you add in, the more swirls you get. But don’t go too nuts. Or do – and tell me how it goes.
2. Use a funnel to put that into the jar.
3. Mix in your glitter and other fun mix-ins. Sequins would work! I like to do 1 container of FINE glitter and then some larger pieces. It gives it better dimension.
4. Shake it up and add in more water/syrup/glue as needed.
5. Hot glue the lid on if you don’t trust your kids (or yourself).
6. Zen out.

There are so many cool combinations you can do! If you want a deeper hue in your jar, add food-coloring, but not too much. A little does go a long way since the glitter gives your liquid a color.

I’m wanting to make a Christmas themed one!