My Favorite Things Giveaway 1

You all have been so wonderful that I wanted to really treat you. And share with you some of my favorite things that I love.

I’m not Oprah, as I said, so I can’t give one to everyone – oh, how I wish I could.

And I do not get paid to do this. I don’t get these items for free, I buy them because I love them and I want you to get to know them too.

Instead of doing this around Christmas, I’m doing this now so you’ll get a chance to start using the products and gifts ASAP!

This is the first giveaway like this, and I’ve curated each item specially. I ended up having so many favorite things, that I know for sure that we’ll have TWO of these giveaways. Watch my fun, LIVE video for more in-depth, off-the-cuff descriptions.

What you get for the first giveaway:

thank-you-cards-khenri• Thank you postcards designed by yours truly. I love thank you cards and designing them. So you’ll have to have something that I created. You can purchase your own cards from me anytime you want. Just email me!



Althea Wellness Organic Charcoal and Shea Butter Soap.
This company is owned by my doctor of Naturopathy sister-in-law, Tara.
Handmade using botanical oils and like free of all the terrible things.
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Uninvited by Lysa TerKeurst.
This book is about rejection, disappointment and feeling lonely/left-out. Wish I would have had this resource ten years ago! It’s phenomenal. It is also a part of a Bible study, which you can get from Target! Yeah, the words “bible study” may scare you off. But if you’ve ever felt rejected or left out – this is worth it. Her words and story come from a place of authenticity and honesty that make you feel like you’re sitting across from a dear friend in your own kitchen. It’s helped me a lot.
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Kokoro Hat.
This is a mesh-back hat, that I had custom ordered from a female-business owner in Georgia. I am working on building this brand (slowly yet surely). It stands for connecting mind body and spirit – keeping you balanced and focusing on the positives in life. This is an exclusive item – as only 3-4 people own one and my husband and I are two of them! He wears his all the time.




Altar’d State bracelet.
This is one of my favorite “corporate” stores. I love walking in to the beautiful scent of “Sanctuary”, their signature scent. I have the candles and room fresheners and I am excited to purchase the perfume one of these days! This bracelet I also own, along with the “it is well with my soul” – if you hop around the site, you’ll find other bangles with inspirational messages. I love jewelry items that remind and encourage you.  It says “My faith is bigger than my fear.” So that you will remember that you don’t have to be afraid. Just live without fear of what others think of you, which is what Uninvited is about too.


root pretty

Rootpretty PrettyBalm and Zuzu eyeshadow PLUS diamonds eyeshadow.
Ok, I can’t live without this lip balm. It’s the perfect combination of sexy and cute (name that movie!!). I wear it in all of my craft videos and in almost all photos you see of me with lip color on. Zuzu eyeshadow is a favorite of mine too and I wear it when I want to feel extra-special. It’s Vegan and 100% natural and just plain awesome. And the owner’s brother is one of my very good friends. AND I hate to brag, but my beautiful bestie who did my hair for my wedding – she was the spokesmodel for a year and the eyeshadow is named after her daughter! I AM IN LOVE. Look them up on Instagram too. Everything is to die for. Did I mention the name of this shade is DOLL!?!? How cute is that!
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Starbucks Reusable Cup.
Oh, you’ve seen these cups, you know about them. AND I AM OBSESSED WITH THEM. I need to stop buying them. You get 10 cents off every time you bring yours in. GENIUS. You’re helping save the planet, you DOLL you. Also they’re just super chic. And dishwasher safe, because I hate doing the dishes.


So why am I doing this.. this is insane. I know! It’s super insane. I’m not a millionaire, but if you’ve been around awhile, I love giving. I got married last year, so I have to either tighten up my giving or hide it… but I wanted to thank you all for being so supportive and encouraging towards me the last years… or recent weeks, whenever you’ve decided to ride my crazy train. You guys are the best and I want to help you grow in your learning and I want you to feel comfortable in your own skin too. That’s why I started Khenri – so that you could celebrate your personality. Well, here is MINE. And it’s time to party, sisters!

Tomorrow, I will be posting a picture of all the fav things – you’ll tag and love the post and then I’ll announce a winner on Wednesday night during our KREATE WITH KHENRI sessions!

THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU and for sharing this incredible journey with ME.