Creativity Session: Unicorn Party in a Jar

unicorn-party-in-a-jar-DIY-craft-khenriWho doesn’t love the magical unicorn and all things glittery?

This makes for a great gift for a little girl. You can even add tons of unicorn-related items into it, such as: bath bombs, chapstick. Everyone is selling a lot of unicorn items, so that makes it easy on you to pick out some!

I filled the jar with all things I thought a unicorn would love. Snacks of confetti and mini donuts, their wishes in tiny viles and a tiny custom painting of rainbows.

1 Jar (I bought a shorter, wide-mouthed jar from Hobby Lobby $4 – wide-mouthed jars are easier to put your hands into to grab out items, keep this in mind when you’re looking for your container. The template for this one is 4.25 in radius, but I am happy to make you a template that works with your jar if you just ask!) Download template: UnicornParty-Container
Unicorn Ribbon (also found at Hobby Lobby for $1)
Tissue paper, confetti ($1)
Tiny viles (for unicorn wishes and dreams) (HL: varies in price, no more than $6 for a whole slew of them!)

Felt Hair piece:
Felt (HL sells them for 33 cents each and gives you a much wider variety of color options)
Glue gun
Barrette (HL $3 – I would choose a wider clawed one. I did not use one and think it would work better)
Cotton balls
Unicorn Head Template: UnicornParty-Heads

Let’s get to partying!


  1. Download and print out the unicorn head template. Cut out the head. And trace with a marker onto your white felt.

2.  Cut inside the marker line. Felt is forgiving so you’re not going to lose

3.  Glue on the very edge of one of the unicorn heads and go about half-way around.

4.  Fluff out your cotton balls and stuff the head.

5. Finish glueing up the edges.

6. Add your horn with glitter felt, add a little nose and some curly hair.

7. Attach barrette to the back.

8. Cut out a square piece of white felt to glue over the claw side of the barrette so it covers the spike parts and holds the barrette in place.

You can use the barrette as a pin, or attach it to a headband or just pin it in your hair!

I specialize in creating custom invitations, so if you have a theme  you want to play off of, let me know and I’ll make it happen!