Creativity Session: Mobile LEGO kit


This past week we did mobile lego kits, which make for great tools during holiday travels! I have a nine year old daughter, so I know all about the struggles of drive time (even if it’s 20 minutes to the grocery store). I designed this piece and hand-picked the materials so that it would be as mess-free as possible.

1 lunchbox (purchased from Target for under $6)
1 lego pad (large piece from Target $8)
Lego kits (price ranged from $6 – $10 at Target)

How To:
1. You can cut the lego pad with SCISSORS. Yes, you heard that right. I used my kitchen meat cutting scissors to do the job. Measure out your panels and cut a piece that will fill the top INSIDE of your kit. That way everything is enclosed.

2. Pour your legos into the kit.

3. Play with it.

I also showed how to make a “low budget” kit, with all supplies from the Dollar Tree. They sell lego kits there and pads (which you could probably cut with bigger saw tools, which I should not own and therefore do not own). I used a regular tupperware container to enclose everything.

You can customize your pieces by measuring out a photo of your child and taping it on the pieces or taping on photos of animals, etc. You can make your own scenery come to life!

You can purchase a customized kit from me for $30. Email me a photo and the name  you want on it. Voila!