Creativity Session 2: Mini Starbucks Frappes


Tonight we had a fun creativity session on my Facebook page, LIVE, showing everyone how to make Mini Frappe Starbucks. I am seriously thankful of everyone who joined in and hung around. I had so much fun, you should have seen me afterwards!

• Mini cups (1.25 ounce cups from Party City $3.99 -package of 125!)
• Mini cup lids (1.25 ounce lids from Party City $3.99-quantity of 125)
• Cotton Balls (I prefer the Jumbo ones, but regular ones will do you’ll just have to double up)
• Straws ($1.47 at Walmart. They come as a multi-color package, but there’s enough green straws to do this craft and so much more)
• Popsicle sticks (88 cents from Walmart. Michaels has them for $4.)
• Paint (97 cents from Walmart. $1.19 at Walmart)
• Ribbon (under $2)
• Magnets ($2.49 at Hobby Lobby – don’t forget to use the “7” strength)
• Silicone ($2.47 at Walmart and Target – this is used for the whipped cream, so if you don’t want to add whip, you don’t have to purchase!)
1. Take your paint color and pour into cup.
2. Take your cotton ball and FLUFF it and drop it into the cup.
3. Swirl it into the paint. Make sure your cotton ball is completely covered with paint.
4. Make your frappe: Drop it into your tiny cup. Wipe off any excess paint you don’t want above the cotton ball. And press the paint into the sides of the cup so there are no bubbles or lack of paint on the cup.
5. Don’t be afraid. You cannot lose. You are the master of this craft!
6. Add whip: combine silicone, a little white paint into a zip lock bag. Think baking style. Mash it in and then snip the corner of the bag and start with the edge of the cup and work your way inward.
7. Add drizzle or glitter.
8. Snip a tiny bit of your green straw and set on top. Do not press the straw completely into the top. You will ruin your masterpiece of whipped cream and be disappointed, I know this because I did it! Just set it softly on top. It’ll stay.
9. To make it a magnet: glue your magnet on
10. To make it an ornament: snip a little green ribbon and hot glue to the back
I would love to see your creations, so please post them to my Facebook post. The combinations are limitless! You can add glitter or beads for levels or garnishes on the top.
Here is the LIVE tutorial video.
Want to do your own and print our templates?
Mini-Frappe-Starbucks-Template <–Here are some  mini labels and some bigger ones for the bags
LargerSizeStarbucksTemplate <– Larger sizes for decorative bags
Starbucks-ThanksaLatte <– Thanks A Latte gift tags
StarbucksCoffee-InsidePanel <– Box template with a 5in box (purchased at Walmart)
You can purchase these crafts from me OR you can purchase the supplies from me (minus anything liquid… sorry but you’ll have to purchase those yourself).
I want you to have the full experience, so I’ll have the print-off’s, but you’ll have to cut them out.
And if you just don’t want to make the craft yourself (no judgment here!) and want to buy it from me – you can do that!
These make great gifts for teachers or friends! You know you have those friends who love Starbucks. I give a lot of gift cards as gifts too, and sometimes I feel like that’s not enough. So this would be perfect because you could add this gift as an ornament or a magnet with a gift card! How perfect!
My daughter who is 9 has made like 9 million of these. So it’s great for you to do with your kids. They can make as many creations as possible, and always succeed. You cannot mess these little babies up! Trust me.
Additionally. PLEASE post to my page your creations. I would love love love to see them!!!