Creativity Session 1: Tiffany Inspired Boxes

Tiffany-themed boxes for gifts, bridal showers or just because!

I decided to embark on a creativity challenge: posting a video each week of a little craft. These crafts are designed to inspire you and things that you can do at home! I will do a LIVE Facebook video every Wednesday night and then do a follow up blog post so you can see how to make the craft and how much it costs.

Thanks to everyone who joined me live for the first one! I had fun and I will get better at filming – I promise! Can’t say my jokes will get better, but who knows!

Click HERE for that video.


What you need:
•Double-stick tape
•Tiffany-blue paper (purchased at Hobby Lobby.. 49 cents a sheet regularly priced)
•Satin (can get 2yds at Wal-mart for about $3)
•Satin ribbon (about $2 at any store – make sure you get a wide ribbon)
•Your box (purchased 8 boxes in a pack that were 3 inches x 3 inches for $5.38 – because I used the 40% off coupon that’s online)

Step 1: Buy all the supplies you don’t have already. Pour yourself a cup of coffee or champagne (if you want to be like Holly Golightly). Put on pearls and a tiara (optional).

Step 2: There are two ways to get the measurements for your box. One is that you can download what I’ve already created and just print it from home. Or you can lay your box onto the paper and measure around it. When you’re measuring the side pieces, almost double your measurements so you have enough paper to wrap around the top of the box.

Step 3: Cut out your shape. It should look like a square (or flat size of the bottom) with these little flaps or wings on all sides. You’ll need one for the top and bottom of the box.

Step 4: Stick them with tape! Put the tape to the very edge of the flaps so that when you wrap them they will hold. If you get the Scotch permanent double-sided tape, you should have no problem with them flapping up. I prefer tape to glue so it doesn’t ruin your paper or bleed through.

Step 5: Wrap all your flaps up and around the corners of the box.

Step 6: Take the fluffy little fluff that’s in the inside of the box and wrap it with the Satin. This does not have to be perfect because it’ll lay so nicely in there it’ll look like you bought it!

Step 7: Lay your trinket or gift into the box.

Step 8: Admire it. Because you’re going to want to!

Step 9: Tie the box with the ribbon on both sides.

Step 10: Gift it to someone! This would look adorable underneath the Christmas tree! If you have a lot of girlfriends, it would be the perfect little gift.gossip-girl-Tiffany-themed-bridal-shower-Khenri

One of my all-time favorite shows is Gossip Girl and Serena threw Blair a Tiffany themed bridal shower, where all the girl guests got a Tiffany’s box and one lucky girl had an actual Tiffany’s ring inside! If that’s your jam, go for it, but if your budget is slightly less than Serena’s, then this is the perfect option for you! You can make charm bracelets for all your girlfriends!


Let your creativity run wild too! You can always switch up the color of the paper. For Christmas, Buffalo-Plaid would be adorable! There are no limits! The limit does not exist!

If you’re not feeling super creative, you can always message me and I can make all the boxes for you! They are super fun if you personalize the boxes with your name and Co.










TiffanyBox<– There is the template for this 3×3 box. If you need it personalized or need a different box size, let me know! This fits on an 8.5×11 sheet of paper! Voila! Enjoy!