Be BOLD, be different | Inspo

When you’re ready to design your wedding invitations, there are SO many things to look at and take into effect.

Make these invitations something that portrays YOU, your love story and the wedding vibe that you want to give your guests. It will bring everything together nicely and set your guests up for what is to come at the wedding. It’s the first look the guest has into your wedding.

If you want to do something super unique and different, don’t be afraid to do it! This is YOUR day, baby!

So let’s look into a bold idea, shall we?

How about some navy, a deep green and GOLD. I’m really kind of obsessed with gold. I love frames too. They really add this mystique and elegance, without really having to do much with them.

So what if you had a bold, artistic wedding theme? Frames everywhere! That old Marie Antoinette gold frame feel.

Don’t be afraid to do something outside of what you’ve seen done. It really will make an impression on your guests!

And I would super love to help you with that! Send me a message and let’s bounce some ideas off each other!