Strength Training Begins Today!

While I do specialize in wedding invitations, I also love working with businesses. (especially female-owned ones)

I love chatting with new people and getting a feel for what they love in life. You should be able to focus on what you’re good at. If that’s not designing a graphic to promote your product or business, that’s fine! That’s the way the world works. That’s why we all have special skill sets.

I believe in harvesting your strengths and delegating your weaknesses to those that can help you. I remember people asking what my weaknesses were and trying to figure out how I could enhance them. But really, I was just wasting my time trying to enhance something that wasn’t going to grow into anything. I needed to hone in on my strengths. Now the same thing doesn’t really apply to the gym – if your arms are a little weaker, then maybe you should do some extra arm training to get those jacked up. But we don’t have to take that same concept to the business world.

So if you’re good at crafting floral arrangements and want to make some cool brochures or business cards to showcase your work, let me help with that! Take the time to focus on making those beautiful arrangements, and let me relieve the stress of designing that marketing piece.

Design is an investment. But you’re investing in what you believe in, your brand and the way that it’s marketed to the world. When you hire me, you’re not just hiring someone to make something look nice. You’re hiring me based off my experience in the world, my experience as a designer, my work ethic, the fact that I will research your market, research your brand and you as a person. You’re paying a designer for much more than something nice that you can brag about.

So let’s work together. Let me help you take the weight off your shoulders. Let me help you strengthen your brand, your business.

Send me a message and let’s connect! I’m excited for you to start your strength training!