Spotlight on: Carissa Stout

Hello, hello!

I had the honor of meeting with wedding musician, Carissa Stout, last week. If you’re interested in hearing some of her beautiful playing, check out the Spotlight Video.

Carissa is super nice and friendly. While I was taking some video of her playing, I lost track of time. It was so engaging and beautiful that it kind of melted away everything else that was going.

That’s exactly the type of music you need at your wedding. Something really just magical.

Carissa has several wedding music suggestions, so if you’re not into choosing the music she can definitely guide you through that process. Another cool thing that she does is takes requests – so if you want something a little more off the beaten path or just something unique, she is easy to work with.

Carissa has been playing music since kindergarten and double majored in TWO instruments in college. Which is abnormal for musicians. So you know she’s got all the skills! Her musical tools of choice are flute and piano.

I had a blast talking to Carissa and she made me feel comfortable when discussing what she loves: MUSIC. You can just tell she has a big passion for it and also for helping people, while being relaxed and great to be around.

Contact Carissa by email: Email- or phone 319-464-4686 to book your wedding!

And that’s our Spotlight!

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