This morning was an incredible morning for me. As you may or may not know, I decided to take the leap and leave my “corporate” job to pursue my dreams of working for myself. I love helping people express their visions onto paper and was ready to take on the responsibilities full-time.

I have been in the design industry for the past twelve years. I worked mostly with small business owners and they usually expressed to me their concerns about if they could make it or if it was the right idea. I believed in them and helped encourage them and loved getting them all excited about their new venture in life and how happy they would be. Always always go after your dreams – no matter how crazy or far-fetched they are. Always go after them.

At one point, I looked at myself and thought – why can I give out this advice so freely and not translate it to my own life? What’s stopping me? So I took the advice I handed out to all the clients and decided it was the right time for me.

So let me introduce you to… me. My name is Keelia Paulsen. I have been in the design/print industry for the past twelve years. My first internship was at Meredith, where I was in charge of the purchasing and editing images for publications. After that I worked for several small-medium sized companies in print and would help businesses with their business cards, marketing materials, brochures, etc.

I also got into doing wedding invitations. That is what I specialize in now. I love getting a feel for a client’s wedding and creating custom pieces that match their personality and overall theme of their wedding. Making everything look beautiful and sleek and cohesive. The experience I want them to have is one of low-stress, but also having a unique and custom invitation – which sets the tone for their entire wedding. I want their guests to open up that envelope and go “WOW”… and then come to their wedding and go “WOW”. Papergoods can be a lost art in this world of technology, but I’m old school and I still love the smell of freshly cut paper.

So if you are recently engaged, let’s set up a time to chat! For real!

What sets me a part from anyone else is that I want to deliver a super special product to you. I immerse myself in research to ensure that you are receiving the best product for you and your wedding (or business).

If we haven’t met before and you know nothing about me.. we should probably get to know one another. I love spending time with my nine-year old daughter (Henrietta), whom I’ve named my company after. She has inspired me since the day she was born and I want to raise her to be a powerful, generous, hospitable and confident woman. I am happy to report that she is well on her way.

I also love drinking lots of coffee, eating pizza (I should cut back this year?), beating my husband at board games (like Upwords and Scrabble) and letting (or actually just flat out losing) him beat me at the number games like Rack-0 or Monopoly. My husband and I also like to listen to jazz and cook together and I’m dabbling in the baking of desserts category since he loves sweets.

Back to why this morning was so awesome….

So this morning I had the honor of having coffee with this super powerball, energetic photographer Laura Beekmann. She’s a ball of energy all wrapped up in a pretty & fashionable bow. I drank my Americano like it was a glass of water (so I could get on her level a little!) and had the most fulfilling conversation with her about business and she was so encouraging and warm. It’s been great to have such wonderful people around me. And with the couple hours we spent together she left a footprint on my life, one that I won’t forget.

She took some amazing photographs of me and I wanted to just give her a little shout out, while you all are still getting to know me and what I do. It’s not all rainbows, unicorns, glitter/confetti and puppies falling from the sky. But it is fulfilling and making me happy that I decided to take that leap of faith.

So, old friends & new friends.. I’m excited for us to get to know one another. Thank you for joining me in this journey and I look forward to working with you!