Introduction | My Wedding Part I


I have designed hundreds of wedding invitations in my life. For many years, I was a single mother who never thought I would ever be wearing a wedding dress, let alone designing my own wedding invitations or choosing a wedding photographer.

My husband and I got engaged in August of 2017. When we were debating on a date to get married, we decided we would rather have a short engagement than wait. So.. we set a date three months later! I am a pretty laid back kind of person, in that I know what I like and what I want. And I want everything to be one-of-a-kind and unique. My husband and I wanted our wedding to be extremely personal and for our guests to get to know our love story every step of the way.

So my wedding dress needed to be customized, my wedding shoes needed to be customized, my wedding invitations and my photographer needed to showcase all of this! Which he did in a beautifully vintage, glamorous fashion – exactly what I wanted.

I have known Christopher Maharry for at least the past five years. And I was thrilled he had our date open. We met at the Temple for Performing Arts to shoot a few fun, informal photos. I love how he was able to make our glamorous, vintage look shine through. Chris is a super talented photographer and really gets the people he photographs to relax and let their personalities come out. He’s also okay if you pose a million different ways. Ha.  I could share oodles of photos, and I will as time goes by, but for now..

We had so many unexpected things happen that day, including me writing my vows 5 minutes before I walked down the aisle… I’ll share that story another day. Ha.

MY WEDDING DRESS | Customized by Tamara Bornmann

When I went looking for my wedding dress, I had the worst time ever. I’m super picky and I didn’t want something that everyone else was wearing to marry their best friend. I wanted something special to wear to marry MY best friend.

So I bought a strapless dress that had all the lace and pearls and frillies that I wanted in the dress part. Tamara was able to make my dreams come true by creating the top part of my dress with lace sleeves and a beautiful neckline. Even the back had important details added and the sleeves have very special lace cuffs added (almost 90 year old lace that was in her family!). She made everything super easy when working with me. And I think I only had to have like 2 or 3 dress fittings. It was perfect and the dress of my dreams. As you can see in the photos, it’s stunningly vintagely-perfect!

Here are a couple shots my bridesmaid, Sharon took of the front and back of the dress.


I wanted to share and highlight some of my wedding go-to’s because they helped alleviate my stresses. Since I’ve recently been married, I can understand the stresses and pressures that a bride-to-be can be under. My goal as your wedding designer is not to put any added stress on you. But to make your experience as light-hearted and enjoyable as possible.

I look forward to working with you! Leave me a message and we can get started on your wedding designs!