How I Start My Day

Hey, good morning, friends! It’s finally Fri-YAY! Second best day to Friday-Eve.

As we continue to get to know one another, I wanted to share with you how my day begins…

First things first, coffee. Once I get up and rub the sleep out of my eyes and yell for my nine year old daughter to get up, I immediately go to start a pot of coffee. This brand is what I’m currently drinking. I like the bold flavor. I really like Starbucks’ Peppermint Mocha one. That is amazing.


I usually try to get myself all ready before the day totally begins. There seems to be a lot to do and I am definitely not the best at getting it done. But I like to get all dressed up. Even if I don’t have any meetings planned for the day, I start every day like I do. Sidenote: I am transitioning to the minimalistic approach to my wardrobe (only have a few key pieces), so I typically wear the same type of thing every day – we can touch more on that another day.

I do some leg and core exercises. I usually like to do this 10 minute body buster workout, but to be honest, I’ve been lazy so I just stick with the leg and core exercises. Winter. *rolls eyes*

I really try to make time for prayer/meditation/reflection/reading. Definitely this is not my best area and I have room for improvement.

I make a breakfast for my daughter and sometimes for my husband. Usually consists of eggs with sprinkles. (YES – any time and food can have SPRINKLES and be celebrated!) Sometimes I make blueberry muffins and put a candle in them so my daughter can blow them out. That’s fun. Oh and a week or so ago, I made Tiffany-inspired pancakes. That was SUPER fun. Great way to start the day.

So far we have: coffee, get dressed, breakfast, all while drinking coffee.

Once the lunches have been made, I’ve done my daughter’s hair, the pot of coffee is gone – it’s time to whisk that sweet girl off to school so my work day can officially begin. When I get home, I get back to working and arrange new meetings or do research.

My days are full now that I’m a boss babe and I’m happy and feeling good. I am excited for what’s to come and am excited you are here to follow my journey!

Gotta run to a meeting now! Will catch you later, friends!