How Does This Work?

I wanted to give you a little debriefing on how I design your invitations!


First of all, I get super excited. Because I like to feed off your energy and joy! And if I see that you’re stressed or uncomfortable, I try my best to ease your stresses and make you feel at home. I want you to feel like I’m one of your best girlfriends. That we’re just sitting around discussing your hopes and dreams. No idea is stupid, no words are too silly – anything that comes to your mind when I ask you questions about your wedding help me design something perfect for you!

I start with asking you some quick questions. When it’s a custom design, I like to get a better feel for who you are and what type of wedding invitation you’d like to have. I usually do this via email, but if you’d like to meet me in person – I would be happy to meet you for a cup of coffee. Coffee is my favorite, have I mentioned that?



The questions are super easy..
What is your full name?
What is your fiance’s full name?
What is the date of the wedding?
What is the time of the wedding?
Where is the wedding?
Where is the reception? What time does it start?
Where are you registered?
Do you have a block of rooms reserved at a hotel? What is the hotel(s)?
How would you describe your style?
What’s your favorite pizza?
What would you like your guests to feel when they’re at your wedding?
What would you like your guests to feel when they open your invitation?
What type of flowers are you having?
What does your dress look like? Have a pic? Send it to me!
What are your colors?
Do you have a theme?
Any keywords that describe your wedding? Modern, vintage, boho, rustic, traditional?
Seen anything on Pinterest you love?

The questions sometimes vary, but overall it’s the same. (I don’t actually ask you what your favorite pizza is. Ha) It helps me get a better vibe for what you’re wanting.

Then I go to work and I research! Sometimes this can take an hour or 2 or 3. I research trends, flowers, etc.




Then I put together some samples for you to review. Usually it’s at least 2-3, sometimes more! I ask you what you like and dislike and if anything overall speaks out to you. You won’t hurt my feelings when you tell me things because this is YOUR wedding day. I’m just here to help bring your realities to paper.

Usually this process can be super quick. You end up picking the one that you love and just cannot walk away from.

I have a process I use at the mall. If I see something that I love, I leave the store. If I can’t stop thinking about the item and I can’t live without it, I will go back to the store and buy it. Once I even drove all the way home, got inside my house and couldn’t stop thinking about this one item and got right back into my car and went back to purchase the item. That item is my all-item favorite watch that I wear every day and I’ve had it for almost 5 years now.

So if you can’t stop thinking about something I sent you … go with your gut. Don’t overthink it. Don’t ask too many people their opinions. Just put it away, walk away, drink a cup of tea and the one that keeps coming to your head – that’s the one. Don’t second guess yourself.

Then I print it for you. And we meet and hug and you get your invites and then you get a bottle of Champagne with a custom label to celebrate one  your one-year anniversary.

Voila! That’s pretty much it!



If you want to start getting to work now, let me know! I would love to chat with you!