Bridal Shower Inspiration

Are you throwing a bridal shower this year? For your bestie or your favorite gal pal? She deserves all the champagne showers!

This is one of my favorite inspiration pieces! I love the idea of a soft pretty, yet sparkly shower! (That is if your bride-to-be doesn’t hate pink!) The color palette for this type of bridal shower is gold (sparkles), soft pink (for Rosé) and a dusty navy blue.

Start by having a bridal shower invite designed by yours truly. This is super simple.. just send me your details and voila! It will set the tone of how you want the guests to view the event. This says: fun, light-hearted and fabulous! If you want to change the colors to suit a different type of shower color scheme, I can customize it for you.

Next… get that bride-to-be some pretty macaroons, please! And some pretty bottles of champagne. You can DIY sparklify them or just invest in some nice bottles to really treat that lady!

Champagne or Rosé or a Rosé Champagne would be a fabulous option for your drink menu. Or a little sparkling water with some raspberries dropped in. Don’t forget the glitter. The sparkles. The ruffles.

This is a time to really just have a fun girlie time and doesn’t have to be like other bridal showers. You can be loose and relaxed and just enjoy each other’s company.

If you are playing games though and need those print-outs… let me know that when you order your invite. You need something nice to compliment the rest of the event, right?